Powoweb is a team of international professionals, operating under an organic organization, with high adaptability and resilience to change. We focus on Content Management System web development and the implementation phase of content strategy.

We build data content templates, components, plugins and themes. As well, Powoweb provides training and consulting related to CMS platforms and content strategy.

Working from Costa Rica, we are charismatic web technology professionals and enthusiasts, with both freelance street smart and corporate intelligence. At Powoweb, we don't limit our thinking and creative process to HTML, CSS, front end, Javascript or php terms, we explore ideas, concepts and solutions. Instead of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Teamsite or any other CMS or web based platforms, we like to think about The Machine and understand how we can integrate our long lasting, self sufficient solutions into it.

The word "Powoweb", comes from combining powwow and web, which is a representation of our main goal of getting together under one roof to develop web solutions.

To us, money is a side effect while providing outstanding customer relationship, high quality products and authentic involvement in the projects we work on. The latter, while joyfully doing what we love, web development.

Our professionals speak fluent English, Spanish and have great communication skills, providing a dedicated working experience.

At Powoweb, we believe in organization values and culture. Before we do any kind of business together, we want to make sure our values and culture are compatible with yours. Please visit our values page to see what we stand for and what's in our DNA.

Thank you and Pura vida!


WordPress and open source platforms

We are experts in WordPress implementation, development and customized solutions. As well, we work with Joomla, Drupal and understand the architecture of any major CMS.

Content Delivery Architecture (CDA)

Content Delivery Architecture is a service Powoweb offers when it comes to delivering content to the masses. Either by building Data Capture Templates (DCT), Components, Plugins, Add-ons, Page Templates and Layouts, or by guiding the business resources in a consulting fashion. Content Delivery Architecture plays an important part in the web communication cycle. Powoweb plans and develops the mechanisms that enable content authors to manage content efficiently, channelize the content and get feedback from end users for fine tuning. This service can be used by any company with web presence. From an individual professional managing a blog or information page, email list, a web store, an internal site or portal, knowledge center, marketing sites to corporate communication strategies. As simple the web content management in your case is, it will always require a level of Content Delivery Architecture.

HP Autonomy Teamsite development

HP Teamsite, is a robust professional product provided by HP Autonomy, for scalable, corporate size CMS solutions. Powoweb counts with HP Autonomy certified developers, experienced with Data Capture Templates and Components. We provide full support, guidance and development covering the complete cycle of the project. From requirements gathering, prototyping in a Quality Assurance or UAT environments to Production promotion. As well, Powoweb provides full support integrating taxonomy, security settings, user credentials and groups, roles, user administration area, content targeting and metadata. We have experience with any project size, from quick one-week-sprints to large over-a-year projects. Our team can start participating at any stage of the project.

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